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Changing Displays

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Easter 2


Our Special Guest

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Thanks to the multi-talented Mr Coghlan for coming in to the Library today to share some Australian folk songs with our students. Not only did he share some well-known pieces but also introduced us to one he’d written himself. His input really made history come to life for some of our lucky Year 5s!

Mr Coghlan

St Patrick’s Day Hats

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Mrs Black’s Mad March Entries on PhotoPeach

“Mad March”

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“Mad March” in the Library on PhotoPeach

Mad March in the Library: Competition 

You can choose to either:

1.    Design a hat to wear to a Mad March event.

  •  Your hat will need to suit a particular event eg Clipsal, Writer’s Week, WOMAD etc. Include the name of the event on your hat or use some symbols to show where you might wear it

2.    Create a ticket for a Mad March event

  • Use A5 size paper or see Mrs Schenkel for a piece of cardboard
  • Add the name of the event
  • Cost
  • Location
  • A picture you have drawn

3.    Invent your own Mad March event or choose an Adelaide event for which Adelaide is famous. Promote it via a descriptive A3 poster

You will need to include

  • A clear title to announce your event
  • Headings to focus the reader’s attention
  • Simply written information to explain the event and matching your headings
  • Photographs you have taken (NOT found online) or hand drawn illustrations
  • Logical layout
  • Accurate spelling

Cross the finish line with a book!!

Don’t know what’s on in March? The link below may help you with some ideas



The “Not So Big Bad Wolf” in the Library

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24th March 2014 134

Last Thursday week ago, Mr Palmer’s Class came to the Library for their weekly borrowing session and heard the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs. Our regular volunteer, Wolf, was unimpressed by the negative connotations attached to his name. He decided that it would be good for the children to hear the wolf explain the story from his perspective. As a result, when they came in last Thursday, he suggested they read the picture book The True Story of The Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf. Mr Palmer invited him to read the story, which he happily did. By all accounts, the children certainly enjoyed his reading, as did Mr Palmer!! We look forward to his next spontaneous session! We really are blessed with the wonderful group of volunteers who regularly come in to assist and have truly become an integral part of our  Library team.

Aussie Authors

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“Aussie Authors” Challenge 

We would like to thank all classes and individual students who entered our “Aussie Authors” Competition. Students entered some wonderfully creative and varied products from simple posters to dioramas, trioramas and electronic book trailers. 

Great homework, Pilgrim students! Thanks to Jonathan, Amelia, Sarah, Micah, Pat and Georja for their models, Natalie, Jayk, Carson, Jacob and Evie for their book trailers, Josh  for both his model and book trailer and Chelsea for her fabulous individually created poster. We would also like to mention Lara, Hannah, Sophie, Lily and Vanessa for their combined effort poster. It’s been great to see how many students have been looking really closely at your models!! Congratulations to our Pilgrim winners, Josh G and Chelsea. 

Thanks to Mr Antoniou and Mr Palmer whose students were all involved in our competition. Nice work Sebastian, Anthony, Monique, Corey, Bryce, Grace, Lara, Lily, Kayla, Andrew, Linda, Cameron, Leon, Riley, Cameron, Declan, Sammy, Kayla, Zane and Emjay and special congratulations to Viviene and Khy, our two Thiele individual winners!! Please come and visit us, Mr Antoniou and Mr Palmer. To thank your classes for their efforts, we would like to present you each with a novel which you may then have time to read aloud to your students and add to your class libraries.

Aussie Authors Competition on PhotoPeach

Wombat Stew: Mr Palmer’s class

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Wombat Stew on PhotoPeach

As part of our Aussie Authors and Illustrators promotion, Mr Palmer’s Thiele class read the classic tale Wombat Stew. They discussed the elements of the story and illustrations that make it an Australian text. The slideshow depicts what they learnt.

Library Displays to start the Year

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Library Displays for 2014 on PhotoPeach

Looking back through the blog, I can see I need to create some new, vibrant themes and displays for next year. Somehow, the displays seem to look pretty similar from year to year. We are about to introduce an Ideas Book in which students can add the titles of new books or series they’d like us to purchase, special events they’d like us to promote and ways in which they’d like to help us with displays or caring for this wonderful shared space. Thanks to Caroline Secker and Vicky Sears for the new art works which we now have on display. We hope to see more students becoming involved in the near future.

Pilgrim Library Lovers’ Day entries

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We love the Library! on PhotoPeach

A reminder that the Australian Author/Illustrator competition closes at the end of Week 5…next Friday. I’ve heard from a little bird that the Pilgrim Year 6 class has been allocated some homework time to complete the tasks sent out early in the term, so I’ll be keen to see what they come up with!! Some of the Thiele teachers have told me they have their classes working on this too. I eagerly await next Friday when all entries need to be submitted.

Library Lovers’ Day art work

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Thanks to all of our “Library Lovers” on PhotoPeach

We have been thrilled to have seen several Pilgrim buddy classes coming up to the Library for their regular borrowing sessions and booking the classroom for use while they were here. The children were really focused on the tasks set for them by their teachers, and completed the hearts you can see pictured, as part of our Library Lovers promotion. I know there is some more work yet to come from the Pilgrim Year 2s and 6s. The buzz in the Library classroom on Friday as they worked on this was wonderful to experience. We appreciate Ms Files and her Thiele class bringing in the art works they created in class too. Each student whose work is on display will receive entry into our current competition. Good luck to you all! These winners will be announced next Monday so you have until Thursday to get your entries in.