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Picture Book Month

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November has been set aside as Picture Book month. We would love to see each class on Campus reading a picture book each day for the remainder of this month and finishing off with a class vote for their favourite picture book. This could involve each child bringing in their favourite picture book of all time to share with the class. Alternatively, the teacher could choose a cross section of picture books to share. Upper primary classes may choose to look at some  titles more suited to older students and others to Junior Primary students.

I would be very happy to create some bulk loans for classes wishing to be involved. Please just let me know if there are particular themes, authors or genres you would like to share.

Barbara Braxton has a great blog on which she lists various sites each pertaining to the “best” picture books of all times! You can find this at http://thebottomshelf.edublogs.org/best-of-the-best/

The official site is found at: http://picturebookmonth.com/about-us/

Remembrance Day Display

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Remembrance Day on PhotoPeach

Thanks to Mrs Dickson for putting up our annual Remembrance Day display. We would love to include any student work related to this special event and invite children to  write some  acrostic poems on this theme. Sheets on which these can be presented are available in the library and may be completed at lunch times. Thanks is advance!

New Displays

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Talk Like a Pirate Day and Asia Week Displays on PhotoPeach

Thanks to Wolf and Di for their efforts in creating our new displays. We hope to have some fun in the Library celebrating both Talk Like a Pirate Day and Asia Week. Thanks to the specialist LOTE teachers for providing some student work, fabric and other materials to add to our display.

Year 2 Art Responses to Granny Grommet and Me

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Granny Grommet and Me on PhotoPeach

Year 3 Art Work for the Alison Lester title, Kissed by the Moon

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Kissed By the Moon on PhotoPeach

Art Work for ‘Granny Grommet and Me’

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Granny Grommet and Me on PhotoPeach

Connecting Books and DVDs

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Campus Cinema and Caption Competition on PhotoPeach

‘The Swap’ and ‘Banjo and Ruby Red’ Art Responses

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Book Week Art Work on PhotoPeach

Year 7 Haiku

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Beauties of Creation on PhotoPeach

These haiku were written by some Year 7 students. They have attempted to follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure and matched their writing to some amazing photos. We hope you will enjoy them.

Book Week Update

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Connect to Reading: Reading to Connect

Thanks to all teachers who actively promoted our Book Week activities with their classes. It was great to hear that some sent home the mini challenge books for homework each night during Book Week. I have also appreciated the extra bookings made by various people whose classes haven’t had Library lessons with me this year. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to share the shortlisted titles with your students. The popcorn cups made by our junior classes were certainly appreciated by our movie goers over the first three days of this week. 

We were thrilled by the number of students who attended the “Campus Cinema” at lunch times this week but our 50 student limit for each showing was not strictly adhered to. (We did, however, only supply popcorn for the first 50 children to each showing and ensured that equal numbers from each school were issued with tickets.) Each of our DVDs was based on a book or series which we have in our library. 

Monday’s showing of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was attended by 75 R-3 students. Tuesday’s film, Spaghetti Pig Out from Paul Jennings’ books had 54 students attend. Wednesday saw 25 Year 6 and 7 students come in to watch the first episode of Spellbinder. 

A lot of children have written captions for our competition and some entries are quite humorous. At this stage, we have only had one jigsaw piece returned so are hoping a few more students will still bring in their entries by Friday. There are some spare sheets which can be collected from the Library. Mini-challenge books are also due to the Library by Friday. Please do remind the students that “you’ve got to be in it to win it”!! Thanks so much. 

We are now displaying some work in the Library which shows the connections some classes have made between the movies and either other texts they have read, movies they have viewed, to their lives or to the world around them. In lessons, I have promoted the connections of Text to Self, Text to Text, Text to World and Text to Media and the children have been able to explain some of their own connections to the shortlisted titles and our viewing choices.