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Due to the fact that I have been the author of this blog and will shortly be moving on from the Campus Library, this address will no longer be maintained. I appreciate the large number of people who regularly visited the site during the life of the blog and provided some great feedback to me and the Campus students. I will shortly begin a new blog but don’t yet have a new address.

Thanks for having been a part of my life in the Campus library and my entry to the world of blogging! Happy reading.

Jo Schenkel

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…and Some More Year 7 Haikus


New Year 7 Haikus on PhotoPeach

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Year 7 Haikus


Year 7 Haikus 2016 on PhotoPeach

The Year 7 class has been focusing on poetry as part of the English curriculum. Our first piece of poetry writing followed the reading of the book Wabi Sabi. This title includes a great narrative, as well as haikus on each page. The students based their work on either the photos they had brought from home or images which were provided to me by my friend, Reg Byrnes. We hope you enjoy the students’ favourite pieces and apologise for the few which don’t quite match the 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable formula!

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War Brainstorms on PhotoPeach

Since ANZAC day was commemorated in the holidays, I have begun working on a war unit with a number of Upper Primary classes from across Campus. It has been great to see students eagerly engaged in creating their initial brainstorms of different conflicts which have occurred and the words which spring to mind in relation to the topic. Each class has typed up lists and we have since used them to create word clouds using WordItOut, WordClouds or Tagul. As the unit progresses, students will be engaged in reading and listening to some examples of war songs and poems and finally writing and presenting their own pieces. We look forward to seeing some great results.

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Indigenous Art

The Pilgrim Year 4 class has just completed a unit on indigenous art. Our initial focus was on the work of Bronwyn Bancroft. We began by investigating a lot of the picture books she has illustrated. Students enjoyed creating some great pieces, copying some of the illustrations in Why I Love Australia, depicting the Australian landscape. Later, we looked at a piece of her art which contained cool colours, multiple borders, 5 wavy lines and detailed patterning. Each child then created a work using a similar formula, choosing to colour their pieces in either cool or warm colours.
Another task was to create a dot painting of a bush plum tree. The trunks were done in black and the dots added using match sticks and paint. Next, we looked at many images of Rainbow Serpents and children used Prockeys and paint to create their own snakes. Using some special papers from Zart, inspired by indigenous designs, children created some collages based on things which were important to them or their families.
Our final task was to use some photocopied hand outlines, fill them with Zentangles and artistically locate them on black paper. Children then used either white or silver pens to add a message about reconciliation. The following slide show includes the completed student work, created in readiness for Reconciliation Week.

Year 4 Art Work on PhotoPeach

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The Campus Library: A Great School Library


Great School Libraries Logo (2)

I was very excited to recently have my attention brought to the following link for Great School Libraries.

The Campus Library obviously fills a number of the criteria to qualify for inclusion on this list and we were proud to see our name at the top of the South Australian section…the joy of being at the beginning of the alphabet! We are very lucky to have a great team of volunteers who continue to support us in giving the best assistance possible to our students, parents and teachers.


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World Read Aloud Day


As we all get back to routines in the classroom and library at the start of a new year, I am keen to encourage all students, parents and teachers to share the joys of literature with one another  on a daily basis. Teachers and parents…take time to share picture books with children both young and old.  Parents…take it in turns to read aloud from more challenging novels with older students to provide time for bonding and open discussion on a wide variety of topics.

Barbara Braxton, one of the teacher librarians I most respect, has a great blog promoting libraries and literature. She reminds us on her page, The Reader Leader’s Hat, that World Read Aloud day is celebrated on February the 24th.


Barbara also mentions a number of other library and literacy based celebrations, some of which we often celebrate in our Campus library. February 14th, known by most as Valentine’s Day, is also recognised as both Library Lovers’ Day and International Book Giving Day. We shall update you as to our special events as soon as possible!


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Librarian Rhapsody


I love clever people who enjoy having fun! The librarians from the Shoalhaven Library have created this clip. Hopefully you will share my joy as you watch it. Librarian Rhapsody

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Sally Heinrich’s Workshop With P42


Two lucky junior primary classes won the prize draw to work with Sally Heinrich. Mrs Penley’s class really enjoyed their time making some rattle drums. Thanks to Mrs Penley for providing us with the photos for the blog!

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Sally Heinrich’s Visit


Sally Heinrich’s Visit to Campus on PhotoPeach

Today, seven of our junior primary classes were able to come to the Library to meet Sally Heinrich, author and illustrator of the picture book The Most Beautiful Lantern. She read some of her books, talked about the process of illustrating and writing a picture book and shared some of the lanterns she has collected in her travels. The last session was spent with one lucky class enjoying a workshop where they made rattle drums with Sally. Tomorrow will be a repeat performance of today’s sessions with the remaining JP classes.

If you would like to see some more of Sally’s work, visit the Website of Sally Heinrich.

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