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Marc McBride’s Visit to Campus


Marc McBride’s Visit on PhotoPeach

Last Friday, our middle and upper primary classes were treated to a visit from the illustrator of the Deltora Quest books, Marc McBride. His energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour kept all of the children engaged during the three sessions over the course of the day. During each session, he created a canvas using the ideas provided for him by the students. There was much laughter and hand waving as children were keen to be “paper peelers” and, by the end of the sessions, each child had drawn their own version of a dragon based on Marc’s ideas. We are now working out how best to have our art works framed for the library.

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Books Light Up Our World


Book Week “Design a Blanket” Competition on PhotoPeach

It has been great to see classes from across Campus coming in to see all of the fabulous entries in our Book Week competition. The children come in to see their own work but seem to be just as captivated and impressed by the work of their peers and older classes as well. Thanks to all staff for your willingness to have your classes involved. We hope to have Sally Heinrich judge the winning entries from each category tomorrow. Stay tuned for news of the winning classes…

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Syba Signs Book Week Display Competition


How exciting to check in to Icentre on Facebook and realise that our late entry into the Syba Signs competition was judged as runner up! Thanks again to Maureen Dickson and Vicky and Deb Sears for their amazing work in building our Book Week displays and to Barbara Braxton for alerting me to the article. If you’ve not been in to see our displays, they are still growing and the library is becoming more colourful and alive by the day. To see the winner of the competition, follow the link.

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Books Light Up Our World!


Term 3 Library Displays on PhotoPeach

Book Week is fast approaching and Mrs Dickson has been busy! With some help from Melissa Sandow who completed her library studies placement with us last term, she has the collection of CBC shortlisted titles processed and ready for staff loan. Last term, I began looking at the Early Childhood books with a few classes and the children have begun to create some of their own art work based on these titles.
Over the holidays, the amazing Deb Sears created a lighthouse, complete with flashing light, and this has now been installed in the Library. It is based on the one featured in the Ronda Armitage picture book, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.
In addition, Mrs Dickson and Mrs Sears have hung a parachute and fabrics in our picture fiction space to create our “blanket cubby”. Thanks so much to you both for sharing your time, passion and talent!! The children have already been enjoying using the space at lunchtimes. Our displays will continue to grow over the course of the term as classes complete more art work based on the short listed titles.
Stay tuned for more information about our book character parade, literature quiz and visiting artists and authors.

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CBC Picture This Art Ideas Night


CBC Picture This on PhotoPeach

I am always appreciative that teacher librarians are such a wonderful group, always willing to share their ideas and knowledge with other colleagues. On Thursday, I attended the Southern Ranges TL hub group at Braeview Primary School. A number of us were lamenting the fact we’d missed out on attending the SA CBC art ideas night, held the previous week. We were all very grateful to Mandy Coghlan who had not only been able to attend the night but had also taken a myriad of photos which she was happy to download from her phone and share with those of us present. In order for the  sharing to be able to continue, I promised to post the images on the blog to allow other teachers to be able to share them also. Hopefully you will find inspiration from these photos and that they may be able to support you in sharing the short listed CBC titles with your students.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all Campus Mums!


Mother’s Day on PhotoPeach

We have a wonderful selection of books about our mothers. The featured book is just one of them. Thanks to Victoria Sears for her amazingly detailed art work which promotes this title!!

Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day.

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Easter in the Library


Easter Display on PhotoPeach

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Library Displays


ANZAC display on PhotoPeach

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The Importance of Reading Aloud to Big Kids


I’ve just read an article which bears out some of my prior beliefs and experiences. It also echoes the sentiments of Beryl Siemionow who spoke at an SA Children’s Book Council meeting many years ago, on the topic of Books for Disinclined Boys. She told us about her son, a competent reader who, at around the age of 11, suddenly seemed to lose interest in reading. When she finally asked him what was wrong and why he had stopped, his reply was that he was worried if he was suddenly too confident, she and her husband may stop reading to him. Having established that fact, they promised to continue to regularly share books with him and he continued on his own reading journey as well.

This article encourages parents to read aloud to “big kids” and expands on the range of positive flow on effects which occur as a result. Even as an adult, I love having stories read to me and will often enjoy audio books when on long journeys. Teaching children from every year of Primary school, I am regularly told by the older children how much they enjoy listening to the class novels I read to them. I would encourage all parents to put aside some uninterrupted time to spend tech free, reading aloud and sharing both time and tales with your children. 

Check out the article at the following link. The Importance of Reading Aloud to Big Kids.

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Great teacher resource!


I’m very grateful to the kind person who shared the following link via the OZTL site. I’ve not had a proper play with it yet but the resources for teachers would appear to be linked to the Australian curriculum and very useful. I’d encourage you to have a look for yourselves. http://readingaustralia.com.au/

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